To conquer our anxiety at this moment, we must understand what this crisis is teaching us

Interview with #ebbfmember and ebbf co-founder BEPPE ROBIATI

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I am very pleased that we can share some reflections in these somewhat complicated moments. I always refer to this character I often speak of, with a somewhat complex name Bahaullah, who already in the nineteenth century gave a series of indications that are very relevant today.

We have recently gone through several difficult moments, the crisis of 2008, the theme of mass migrations and so on; today we are facing another one, this time related to health.

This time it is the Corona Virus that makes us think: decisions regarding this pandemic are currently made independently, with each nation deciding on a separate path of action. Everything that is happening around us makes us understand that humanity must evolve towards world unity.

Because the problems that have occurred cannot be solved by a nation: the virus has no boundaries and the virus does not mind the powers of politicians or look at geographical borders. The virus is global so the solution to the issue must be global.

This means that nations can no longer decide for themselves with different policies, as is happening right now with each nation tackling the problem in a very personalized way. Instead, we need to have ideas that are global and this is the only solution to a planet that has become a common home and has become a single country.

Scientists from all countries of the world must work with this concept of unity because the collaboration of different minds and brains is fundamental; not everyone is doing it. Many nations work on their own and try to maintain the protection of their population.

That is, man must accept what is a very strong lesson at this moment wich is the concept of unity in diversity.
Diversity is not to be fought but it is an extraordinary strength to improve the unity of peoples and nations.
We have spent some time closing borders, we made propaganda to close everything that was possible. Now we are beginning to understand that they are closing us outside the borders of other nations as if we were plague victims.

This must make us think as in reality it is not through the closing or opening of borders but when the acceptance and organization of a world that can no longer be regulated by 200 different national laws but must go towards a single and community direction globally.

One thing that can happen when we are faced with these crises is to try and think about the purpose of life. Of course being an entrepreneur, having a company with employees, making these employees happy, but it is also sometimes perhaps reflecting on some underlying conditions.

Man is a being with values, some says essentially spiritual, sometimes in these circumstances we take a moment to reflect the deep things of life: those of the family unity, the dedication to the education of children, the theme of friendship, reflecting not only on where we should go on vacation or on what to go to buy in the supermarket, but also on the deeper purposes for each of us.

My personal consideration is that these crises must be taken in a benevolent way. It is like when difficulties on a personal level are said to make you grow, society must also grow.

Growth in this profound direction, of the unity of mankind, the acceptance of diversity not only of the color of the skin, facing problems with a slightly deeper sense of our relationship with those who are next to us, who are most scared, trying to inspire who is around us to be perhaps a litlle less fearful, managing a little encouragement for discouraged people. Put selfishness aside, think not only of yourself, but think of the collective development and of those around us.

In reality in these moments we must think that we are a united humanity and in this unity we must concentrate and gain our resourcefulness.

I am an entrepreneur and we decided to move to smart working, we started with some difficulties but now we all work from home. Problems can be overcome with encouragement, solved with unconditional acceptance, when you open the possibility to consider how you too can create a better humanity.

We are in a period of transition of our cities that have been organized for 150 years on a national level to a new form of society that is transnational and international. From all points of view, individuals must enter a new phase of knowledge of development, where earth is a single country and humanity its citizens.

So everything, from the economy, to business organization, to relations between races, relations between religions, relations between countries, to the theme of organizing health around the world.

That is, the earth has become a common house and in our homes we lend a hand and solve problems in a common way, we must not be selfish and try to solve them in your bedroom, because the next day we have problems in other rooms.

So this is a system that will bring us a fibrillation that will last a long time but that will make us understand that the solution is beyond, to look beyond, with much hope with much ability to accept the difficulties of the sacrifices we are making.

You can view here the video interview [In Italian] that inspired this article

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