The Power of a Values-Driven Approach: Impact Beyond Profit

3 min readFeb 1, 2024


In a world where immediate gains often eclipse long-term vision, values-driven organisations offer a refreshing perspective, demonstrating that genuine success transcends numerical benchmarks.

#ebbfmember Anousha Vahdaty has founded a company, it has a vision that … goes beyond, beyond what? Israa Qaddourah shares fresh new thinking and focus and the choices open to Apax and to every company.

“Every organisation has a choice: to be driven solely by bottom-line considerations or to weave a rich tapestry of values that define its very essence. Our experience has shown that it’s the latter that fosters genuine and lasting impact.

Central to our mission is the provision of supported housing and assisted living for individuals grappling with mental health issues and the harsh realities of homelessness. This isn’t just a service; it’s a testament to our unwavering belief in the power of human potential and resilience.

Beyond Shelter: A Commitment to Independent Living

Rather than merely offering a roof, our emphasis has always been on fostering independence. We aim to guide our tenants and clients on their journey from supported housing towards independent living, ensuring they don’t feel institutionalised but empowered. It’s about restoring dignity, hope, and self-reliance.

The driving force behind such endeavours isn’t the allure of financial gain or recognition but the values that we hold dear. Corporate values illuminate individual and collective actions to forge a bond which unite our people. This shared ethos fosters a strong sense of community and purpose, driving excellence and a genuine desire to help humanity. Upon values people are built and upon people society is built. The aspiration to transform towards a values-driven organisation forms the cornerstones of our identity:

· United we Shine: Unity in diversity creates collectiveness, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect symphony.

· Strive for Excellence: We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to pursue excellence, which is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

· Sparks of Kindness: We endeavour to fan the spark of kindness in everything we say and do inspiring countless other positive qualities to emerge.

· Humility is Power: When seedlings thirsting for growth are watered with a humble attitude, we become agents of change for progress.

· Continuous Learning: To learn and not stagnate, to refine and steer new heights, is a constant steady drive to materialise the change we aspire to see.

· It’s Right to be Fair: What we hold in trust for others will be shaped by our fairness to them. The strength of our relationships is upheld on justice.

· Our People, our Partners are our Strength: Our people and partners are of tremendous value and strength, we treasure them as a mighty drop in the vast ocean.

The Ripple Effect of Heart and Values

Values-driven organisations prioritise their core values at the forefront of their business practices, decision-making processes, and organisational culture. These values are not just buzzwords but are deeply integrated into how the company operates, interacts with its stakeholders, and contributes to the broader society.

Values-driven actions have the potential to create profound societal change. By being steadfast in our commitment, we’ve observed ripple effects that extend far beyond the immediate communities we serve. It serves as an inspiration, prompting others to champion change, and ignites vital discussions about societal upliftment and the transformative role of businesses.

For organisations contemplating their path forward, let values be your guiding light. It isn’t merely about the tasks we undertake but the heart and purpose we pour into them. In a world seeking direction, let’s remember that lasting success is not just in profit-driven achievements but in value-driven transformations.

In our journey, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of a values-centric approach. Organisations have a unique role in shaping a brighter future, and with a heart-centred commitment, we can all be catalysts for profound change.”

By Israa Qaddourah

Project Manager, Apax




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