The best questions and boundaries of a meaningful career path.

3 min readFeb 4, 2023


Dhairya Pujara + Jaleh Zandieh + Tahirih Michot share their take on what a meaningful careeer actually means.

Too many people make their professional choices based on the chances of landing a well paid job instead of a response to their purpose or passion.

As a consequence, many people are in occupations that they’re not interested in. They work in places that do not fit with their talents or passions. Places where they’re not making any difference and where they do not enjoy being.

To achieve the best outcome act both at a personal and professional level.

As an individual think about questions such as

- What am I deeply attracted to?

- What corresponds to my motivations and my values?

We need to take time outs. Create moments to stop and think, especially because the world is changing so fast and we want to both adapt to what is evolving but also being very clear about what is most important to us as an anchor and compass that avoids us getting, literally, lost in change.

Ideally we want these moments of reflection be both an individual exercises to deeply understand but also a sharing with others of what is emerging to allow a fuller understanding of what we are / should be aspiring to.

If we look back at just 10 years ago, we would never have dreamt of such fast evolution and rapid interconnectedness. Taking the time to understand what is evolving and how to best harness the opportunities that come from the emerging interdependence will determine our better futures.

Thinking that your decision of today will decide your life career is untrue and limiting.

It is rather an approach of setting a direction for your path. Have you move in that direction and decide the boundaries of that path. Boundaries that should be created by both understanding and becoming very aware of what is truly important to you. Then, walking that path.

It is impossible to know where that path will lead you in 10 years from now but it is certain that it will lead you in a direction that will avoid the misalignment, disenchantment and burnout increasingly faced by so many.

At organisational level, be aware and act on the responsibility of creating a work environment that answers deeper questions of meaningfulness and create an environment and a broader purpose that drives your staff.

By creating those aims, financial gains, which are the imperative of a for-profit organisation, will much more likely materialise thanks to more motivated, creative and committed people. People who your stakeholders can trust.

And by “purpose” we mean answering the questions

  • How can we create value for the community and for the world?
  • How can we become useful and ultimately necessary for our stakeholders?
  • What makes us as a company worth existing ?

Focusing on values and on the best way to act on those values and effectively communicating those key drivers to old and new partners in the company whilst helping people develop their potential is the ultimate solution that will move your people and your partners away from burnout situations and into full thriving mode.

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