The best questions (and answers) to understand our era and the role of ethics and abundance in the future that awaits us.

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We have never had so much need for roots that unite our teams and compasses that can guide the decisions of us as leaders and of the organizations where we operate. An international meeting of leaders led by the Association of Business Ethics and Org Chile and ebbf, rather than explain quick steps for progress, allowed us to understand.

Every time I am surprised at conversation that allow us to deeply hear what is being said. It makes a difference thanks to respect, cooperation, diversity, creativity and learning from shared experiences. Concepts such as: empathy, awareness, threats as opportunity, delight, among others that emerged resonated. Great pleasure through a noble conversation.” commented Teodoro Wigodski in his role as President of the Association of Business and Organizational Ethics of Chile.

We aimed to understand the possibilities of a new business model that is already emerging within the reality of an old system that is collapsing.
We deepened, and explored what is most necessary to create personal and organizational actions in an environment of challenges. Technological challenges, climate change and social inequality that create a set of ethical risks that companies and their groups have to learn to manage.

We asked ourselves what can be our ethos in such challenging and full of possibilities moments?

Our Ethos — our ethical attitude and behavior, to ensure that we and our teams can learn to make strategic decisions by incorporating the moral dimension.

The magic that was experienced in this meeting was born simply by generating a warm space of listening between diverse actors at the international level and passionate about business ethics. Embracing a reflection that would allow us all to contribute from our eyes, learning together, motivated us to lead concrete actions from our BEING to live ETHICS in the daily life and radiate this energy of coherence” added Monica Martinez, director of ebbf Hispanos.

Specifically, we explored three areas of focus:

  1. What are some of the unique elements and opportunities of this era and what are the corresponding responsibilities of each of us?
  2. Aware that our example and our square meter of influence can contribute a lot. What are the elements of ethical leadership that we are observing and that we can apply?
  3. Considering the void of positive future visions offered to us, it is normal to see the lack of hope and encouragement in co-creating better futures. So we asked ourselves what elements and visions of the future do we want and are we interested in pursuing?

The depth of the conversations and the diversity of the responses provided by this diverse group of leaders have demonstrated the wealth of reflections on the unique elements, opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of our era in ethical and leadership terms.

These answers reveal a deep understanding of the complexity and interconnection of contemporary challenges, as well as a commitment to the promotion of a more ethical, just and sustainable future.

Unique Elements and Opportunities of Our Era:

1. Interdependence and Global Interconnection:
Digitalization and technological disruption have accelerated interdependence and interconnection between the peoples of the world. This presents a great opportunity for collaboration and cooperation on a global scale.

2. The Culture of Personal Proactivity:
The importance of fostering a culture of personal proactivity to promote positive change in our communities and organizations is highlighted.

3. Emergency of New Energies and Voices:
In times of crisis, new energies and voices arise that can offer innovative and creative solutions to ethical and social challenges.

4. Access to Talents and Capabilities:
The current era provides access to talents and abilities like never before in history, which allows interaction and collaboration between various people and communities.

Corresponding Responsibilities:

  1. Promoting unity through common and universal ethics:
    In the face of global interdependence, the need for a common and universal ethics that promotes unity and collaboration between human beings is raised.
  2. Humanizing Digitalization:
    The challenge of counteracting the dehumanization that can arise with digitization is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of maintaining meaningful personal relationships.
  3. Passing on Ethics and Values to New Generations:
    The responsibility of transmitting ethical values to the new generations, both in the educational and personal sphere, is recognized to ensure a more ethical and sustainable future.

Observed and Applicable Ethical Leadership Elements:

  1. Coherence between Being, Feeling and Doing:
    The importance of coherence between actions and ethical values is highlighted, as well as the need to lead with integrity and authenticity.
  2. Commitment to the Common Good:
    Ethical leaders are committed to working for the benefit of the common good, prioritizing the positive impact on society and the environment.
  3. Generosity and Availability:
    We live in a world of perma crisis and perception of scarcity that limits us. The result that we have observed is emphasized when the generosity and willingness to collaborate and share knowledge and resources for the benefit of others creates an abundance of results and mentality.
  4. Ethics as the Basis of Business Success:
    The cases of a growing number of successful companies, including unicorns, have been mentioned, that have put ethical principles and righteousness at the center of their business models. Ensuring that all actions are aligned with these fundamental values.

Elements and Visions of the future we want:

  1. A re-connected future:
    During the COVID crisis, when we have joined in communities of help, sharing, and re-connecting efforts and humanity. In the new crisis of human extinction that is approaching, we will reconnect with this humanity, a spirit of collaboration and shared innovation.
  2. An optimistic future:
    We are optimistic, we are moving forward in the world and we have the permission and the opportunity to be better people. From the clear role of the individual, capable of being a part and encouraging communities that contribute to the world and positively feed back their local communities.
  3. New global learning communities:
    There are new global learning communities, which form nutritious spaces to understand and live in ethics, with a collaborative ethos. The energy that nourishes these communities makes them tremendously attractive and capable of attracting and influencing the way they lead and co-create.
  4. Raising the effectiveness of collaboration, bearer of abundance:
    The growing shortage of materials, will create a future where the need for collaboration, of generosity of time, with time, with knowledge will be increased. We are going to see many more shared goods and services from co-living to sharing car mobility and other new modes of transport.
  5. Mobilization of impact capital:
    We are already envisioning and we are going to see a future where impact capital is mobilized to exert positive influence and promote a new generation of companies created to be the best FOR the world and not only in the world.

As Mahmud Samandari, general secretary of ebbf, commented: “To take full advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by a constantly changing environment, we must promote collaboration and reciprocity through the creation of adequate spaces.

In summary, the responses of business leaders reflect a deep commitment to ethics, social responsibility and authentic leadership in an increasingly interconnected and complex world. These reflections offer a valuable guide for those who seek to apply ethics in their organizations and contribute to the creation of a more just, prosperous and sustainable future for all.


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