How can we rethink education? As one world implodes on itself, a new one is being born.

Liminality in Individuals, Organizations, and Societies

To return to pre-pandemic schooling would be to sweep aside the lessons from our collective global time-out.

How Educators Can Learn from Liminality

During the liminal period, where clear solutions are hard to come by, we can find some footing by noting what exists today that we want to carry forward with us.

  1. First and foremost, we can interpret our times and our roles as being located squarely within a transition period. If we are operating in the chrysalis of change, then we must embrace a vision of ongoing change. This is true from technology to curriculum to racial justice. The more of us who are aware of this, the faster our walk down the liminal hallway of transition will take place. The more we resist, the longer the hallway becomes — again, there is no going back.
  2. Second, if we are living in liminal times as a global society, then we must treat our students as civilization builders. It’s long been recognized that education today is setting students up to solve problems and use technologies that don’t yet exist. If we take this to heart and practice, this means that a successful future entails a contribution toward a greater good and not merely a well-paid job. And, that the “normal” (old, tired, broken) structures of school won’t prepare students for the future.
  3. Finally, we must consider ourselves futurists. As educators, we are the ultimate futurists. We stake our success on the ability of our students — the leaders of tomorrow — to solve difficult, meaningful problems that will advance and heal the world. Futurists are inherently optimistic. They confront the unknowns of the future, however uncomfortable that might be. They sustain hope with deliberate effort. As Mariame Kaba wisely counseled, “hope is a discipline.” This means that hope is anchored in science, iteration, effort, and justice.



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