• Asim Haneef

    Asim Haneef

    Director of Global Development @Bamyanmedia (Formerly Journalist/Producer @BBC + @AJE) presently Developing a Reality TV Show on Social Entrepreneurs in Egypt.

  • Sean Melvin

    Sean Melvin

    Law Firm Finance Systems Consultant and Lecturer - tweet weekly about things that interest me and hopefully you. I DON'T BUY TWITTER FOLLOWERS!

  • Jeanne du Plessis

    Jeanne du Plessis

    Interested in everything. Up for anything. Communication pro by day.

  • Karen Prats

    Karen Prats

    I absolutly believe in people and that things always happen for a reason. Co-founder & CEO @PopPlaces_es #entrepreneurship #smartretail #innovation

  • Monique Valcour

    Monique Valcour

    Executive coach, management professor, keynote speaker, @HarvardBiz contributor. I help people & organizations craft sustainable careers. http://www.facebook.com/DrMoniqueValcour

  • Tomas Tvarijonas

    Tomas Tvarijonas

    Source of the interesting side of humanity, culture, wit and a terrible example of how not to raise expectations.

  • Hooman Shayani

    Hooman Shayani

    AI Research Scientist at Autodesk

  • Edward Sevcik

    Edward Sevcik

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