Evolving Leadership for our Regenerative Future — Part Three

3 min readJul 14, 2022

This is the final part of a three-part article written by Kelly Olsen and Dr. Dimity Podger, sharing three premises and corresponding areas of inquiry that we have developed as part of our exploration around Evolving Leadership.

We would like to restate that each of the three premises offers a facet for inquiry, but they are not separate; each illuminates new ways of seeing the other premises more fully. Thus, together, we hold the three as a system, and they serve as a prism to illuminate and evolve our understanding of the leadership required of us today.

This article shares the premise, Inherent Nobility.

Read about the premise of Co-Creation in part one of this article, or the premise of Co-Evolution in part two.

The beauty of acupuncture is that skillfully placed intervention prompts the self-organizing healing capabilities throughout the body, leading to higher levels of systemic well-being. We can also learn to discern these “nodal” interventions in our lives and organizations. This is a key capability of leaders working from a regenerative paradigm.

Developing oneself is one of those nodal interventions and the first line of work in being able to contribute to the monumental changes to which humanity is called. Key in this development is to express our essence and potential as a human being, nested in co-creative and co-evolving relationships with the world around us. Indeed, enduring change in the living systems we are nested within requires profound inner transformation.

We developed Evolving Leadership based on our belief that grounding into our own, and others’ “inherent nobility” can serve as a magnetic direction point that guides and uplifts not only our own personal development, but also is a skillful nodal contribution towards the evolution of the people, organizations, and life processes around us.

Nobility speaks to humanity’s inherent spiritual or moral capacity for profound caring, respect, justice, humility, and selfless service beyond the self — among many other spiritual qualities. These qualities are essential to how we regenerate our agency, our capacity to self-organize, our mutual co-evolution, and so on.

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Together, with other transformative questions, we go deep:

  • What is “nobility” for you?
  • Which cosmologies source your thinking around “nobility” and your ways of being?
  • How does this feel in your body? mind? spirit? interpersonally?
  • How do you regenerate this grounding into your nobility, and others’ nobility daily, especially in challenging situations?
  • What effects does embodied nobility have on us? On our families/communities/ clients / workplaces / Work?
  • How do we live this daily and develop communities, organizations and systems that nurture each person’s expression of their inherent nobility, and embody these qualities?

We hope you found this series on Evolving Leadership for Our Regenerative Future thought provoking. Personal transformation is essential to accelerating the transformation of our organizations towards a regenerative future.

If you missed them, read part one of this article, sharing our premise of Co-Creation; or part two, about the premise of Co-Evolution.

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