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ebbf online learning event : what makes communities resilient in a pandemic?

One of ebbf’s “meaningful breakfast” ebbf Netherlands event, turned into a global virtual event.

People from China, South Africa, European countries shared their experiences in addressing the current pandemic. Ways in which they are building resilient communities that address both the human and the economic consequences.

Each one of us has a choice that gives us strength and purpose when we need it most.

We are not only single individuals isolated in our cities, we can choose to be part of, or even to create a community. Tools such as zoom , nextdoor or event writing a note and putting it under a neigbours door were mentioned. The experience of how the pandemic was address in the workplace of a multinational was shared: the Chinese office community and practices, then replicated to the US and global offices of Microsoft, using from they learnt from their first commuinty in China and what they decide to do globally.

We can create a community of our neighbours, of our friends / families, of our company’s people, or even a community of companies united under a common movement.

We can then choose to give life to these communities, making them both communities of learning and communities of practice.

Both are necessary: we need to learn and we need to act.

There are necessary temporary emergency actions that communities need to make now to care for people who are part of it.

We also can engage in learning activities where we can understand and be better prepared for the current and future emergencies.

With communities that are actively exploring and contributing to the future of business and of economic systems that work for all.

How are you now creating a community? Being part of one? What learning and what actions are you taking? Are you making your choice?

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